Have you seen this meme on the Internet yet?  If not, give it a read, then let me tell you the rest of the story.


Now, this may anger some Trump supporters, but this professor is correct — in as far as he or she goes.  The comparison of Trump to Hitler — in regards to their character — is accurate.  Keep in mind, we are talking about Hitler in the early 1930’s, not in the 1940’s.  If you know this period of German history, and you can see clearly, then you know there are real parallels between Germany then and the U.S. today.  However, this ‘teacher’ leaves out the rest of the story.  This is where the propaganda comes in: with the parts this ‘teacher’ leaves out and the implications which result from that selective editing.

Notice how the ‘teacher’ says the German people were afraid of the Communists, and illegal immigration and the failing economy?  Well, these are all connected.  Communists believe in open borders and the utopia of a global workers paradise.  One of their favorite tactics toward achieving their goals has been to blur borders and encourage mass immigration of peoples who will not assimilate into the native culture.  It is a means of subverting that society so that they can re-build it in their own image.  As a result, economic stagnation or even ruin always follow.  This is because the Communists ideas simply do not and cannot work.  Therefore, if the Germans wanted to maintain their national identity and their economy, they had every reason to fear the Communists.

But there’s more.  Communists really don’t have that much respect for the rule of law.  They pretty much ignore it as it applies to themselves, but when it suits their purposes, they will pay lip-service to and try to it apply it to their opponents.  Therefore, Communism is lawlessness.  Again, the German people are not only a proud people, but they value order.  So, to them, Communism represented everything that was not ‘Germany.’   Hitler appealed to this by presenting himself as a strong German who supported the laws and traditions of the country.  This was the true appeal of Hitler in the 1930’s: he represented the traditional ideal of Germany whereas the Communists represented the loss of the nation and everything the people loved.  Had it not been for the rise of Communism, it is doubtful that Hitler could have been possible.

Now, here is the part this ‘teacher’ leaves out: Hillary Clinton and the Progressive Democrat Party are Communists!  They represent the destruction of the American ideal, our culture and our way of life.  Americans — and I mean Americans, not AmeriKans* — Americans fear the loss of this nation (what little is left of it).  Yes, Hillary is a Communist.  When she claimed allegiance to the early 20th Century Progressives (i.e Woodrow Wilson), she claimed the Communist agenda as it exists in America.  We know this is true because Wilson said that this is what Progressivism is: the American style of Communism.  So this is not opinion, it is fact.  Hillary is a Communist, and she pushes an open-borders, mass immigration, workers utopia agenda.  This always leads to the loss of national identity and the ruin of the economy and America has every reason to fear it.  This is also why Trump appeals to so many Americans, while Hillary appeals to Amerikans*.

Now, ordinarily, this fear of Communism would not be enough to cause Americans to support someone like Trump.  However, the Progressives have been undermining the culture for decades, and the support for Trump is a direct result of the fruit they have born.  One of the primary goals of the Progressive movement was to destroy our morality.  They did this by destroying our family and Church.  They also used our schools to attack our understanding of our own history, teaching children to see America as evil and racist.  So, today, we have a corrupt population with no moral compass.  Given this situation, it is to be expected that true law-and-order types would be rejected for a strong man who promises to ‘get even with them!’  This is why Trump is doing so well: because Americans are doing so poorly.

This ‘teacher’ leaves all this out of the story.  Wonder why?  Well, the answer is easy: the teacher is part of the Communist effort to subvert and remake America.  It’s as simple as that.

[*NOTE: the term Amerika has been perverted.  If you look it up, you will find many claims to definition, but you will not find the original definition.  This is because it has been erased by the people who created it.  They replaced it with references to their arch rivals, the Fascists (just like they did in Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s).  The term was originally coined by Communists in the early 1960’s.  It referred to a dream of a Communist Amerika; to a nation that had finally fallen under the control of those Communist subversives working to re-make this country from within the government and social organs of our society.  Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall, was one of these original subversives, which is why those who know this history knew exactly what Obama was saying when he declared he was “Five days away from fundamentally changing Amerika!”  I tell my readers that, if you know where and what to look for, you will find these people state their agenda clearly and openly.  Well, Obama did just that, but no one understood.  Now, because we have an ignorant, corrupt and morally ambivalent society, we have created a choice between Communism in Hillary Clinton and a would-be Fascist dictator in Donald Trump.  For those who do not understand the fear of Communism, this is it!  This is always the result –always — every time!]



  1. Joe,

    The only difference Trump is not an evil man like Hitler. He is still an American and I believe he does have a love for the country and its people. He may be self centered but he is not a sociopath. Yes, morally he may not be all that you or I hoped for but those days are long gone in a country, as you mentioned, where the church has lost its salt and the family has almost been destroyed.

    With Comey’s statement today, even while it is now a fact, Hillary allowed access to knowingly classified files on an illegal server by her maid. So can we expect Comey to have Federall Marshalls arrest her in the morning and take her in front of a grand jury?

    What we have whitnessed today is the final blow to the rule of law in the United States. All branches of the Federal Goverment are now corrupt. Anarchy is soon to follow and will be put down by massive force. The people will be enslaved and the US Constittion and Bill of Rights will no longer matter. If Hillary is elected we will witness the end of the Republic.

    I do not believe a peaceful resolution is possible. The best we can hope for is a military coup by non communist elements that remain loyal to the American Citizen.

    Get ready my friend because we are going to be tested to the point of death. Christians will be the first target of their wrath.

    • Chhelo,

      I understand your argument about Trump, but I would ask you: do you think Hitler started out with evil intentions? Read his early work. He loved germany and wanted to right what he considered to be wrongs — just like Trump does today. What happened to Hitler is the same thing that has happened to the CLINTONS: they got away with breaking the law so long they started to think they were not only above the law, but were the law. Now, I will give you that Trump does not seem to be to that point, but I add a “yet” where most of his supporters will not. This is because I am applying the lessons of history and human nature to BOTH these candidates and accepting the calculus that follows.

      That said, if you read my post carefully, you will note that I was far harder on Clinton and the Communists than I was on Trump and the comparison to Hitler. This is because the whole mess is caused by Communism — both then and now.

  2. Joe,

    No issue on the Clinton/Communist comments. I’m 110% all in and in agreement.

    Will be an interesting week.

    • Chhelo,

      I feel more like Jeremiah this week than I EVER have. I fear for this nation — especially the remnant within it. There are too few shepherds to lead the sheep 😦

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