There is a divide in this nation, but it isn’t Left/Right.  Remember that this blog writes from a Christian perspective.  And by that, I mean a Scriptural perspective, not a distortion of what Scripture actually says and teaches.  So, with that said, I’d like to offer a few observations and concerns regarding the results of the 2016 election results.

I tried to listen to Rush Limbaugh today.  I couldn’t do it.  The man is…  Well, he is saying things that simply do not agree with objective reality.  For example: Rush started his show by crowing about the Trump victory being a victory for small government and conservative values.  I guess Rush has ignored the fact that Trump is not a conservative and has proposed more spending than any President before him.  No, for Rush, all that mattered was beating the other Party, but he’s not alone.  A great many people proved to be willing to abandon their supposed principles for the reward of political victory.

All over the Internet, radio and TV, I see Trump supporters talking about how they defeated evil and saved America.  I’ve even seen people claiming this is the new 1776.  The problem is, I heard the same thing from Obama’s supporters when he won in 2008.  The Left sees the Right as evil, and believes it is destroying America.  The problem is that neither side understands what America is all about — not anymore.

America is an idea: the idea that man can govern himself (albeit, govern himself according to God’s Natural Law).  The American ideal is also inseparable from the individual.  It acknowledges an individual’s duty toward the welfare of others, but it is not built upon the idea of socialism or social justice, or group identity.  It is built upon the individual, individual rights and the equal application of the laws on this grounds and not that of social or group consideration.  In short, the American ideal is the embodiment of Biblical principles of governance.  So far as I can tell, neither side — not the Left or the Right — neither side embraces these ideals anymore.  For most, it has become about political and economic agendas, and that simply isn’t ‘America.’

To make my point a little more clearly, consider this video:

When I see this, it breaks my heart.  First, I know how many Trump people are reveling in the anguish these people are feeling.  But the same Trump people who are finding joy in these images today seem to have forgotten that they were the ones in anguish in 2008 and 2012.  We are making each other into enemies, but, sadly, I think that — this time — it is more legitimate than we may understand.

You see, the other reason my heart breaks over this video is because a normal, well-grounded person does not respond this way simply because their political candidate looses an election.  This is how you respond when the person in whom you placed all your hopes and dreams in fails.  In other words, this is how people respond when they suddenly realize their candidate is not a god after all!  And yes, I mean god.

For too many of us, government has become a god.  This means the person running the government is the image of this god.  Just as in the days of old, we believe we can gain some control over and protection from our false god by possessing its image only, today, instead of making a small idol as they did in Biblical times, we possess and control through our vote.  Now, it doesn’t work this way in reality, but it does in our hearts.  We think that, if we vote for a candidate and they win, they somehow owe us a reward because we helped put them in power.  Spiritually, it is much the same thinking, the same Spirit that was behind the practice of keeping small idols in Biblical times.  So, when I see these video images, I see people who have placed their hope in false gods (i.e. men and women) rather than God.

Now, here is where people who do not see through Spiritual eyes get confused.  Those who seek to impose their will on others, who see government as a god to be manipulated, etc…  They are in both Parties.  So we see similar behavior from both sides: the Left and the Right.  However, there are very few people who see through Spiritual eyes on the side of those who trust in men/government.  This is why that side tends to be more violent.  If they don’t get their way by legal means, they feel the right to take it by force.  And they never see that they are hypocrites: never see that they are the very people they accuse the other side of being.  But the people who do see through spiritual eyes…  Well, they tend to be on the other side of things.  Now, they are not perfect, and they get counted with those in their Party who will use force, too, but they can see the hypocrisy and they will self-police: correct their own side.  If you watch, one side of this Nation never does that: they never care about the crimes their side commits.  But the other side does, and it will admit to their side doing wrong and try to correct it.  One side are children of deception, the other side contains the remnant.  It’s as simple as that.

This is why our nation is in such trouble today.  I know many will disagree, but that does not change the facts.  If we look, we can trace the sociological indicators of cultural decay to the 1960’s — when we officially kicked God out of the public square (i.e. schools and government).  That was the point when this nation started to fall apart, and the farther away from God we get, the worse things become.  But this leads to an even greater fear.

This remains a covenant nation.  It was founded by God’s people, and upon His Laws and Teachings.  Our founders appealed to Him for success and relied on Him for protection.  It was dedicated to Him by George Washington.  In every way that counts, this nation belongs to God — and He has not forgotten that!  Therefore, at some point, God will deal with us.  So, unless we start to turn back, repent and beg the Lord’s forgiveness, I do not see things getting better.  Instead, I see things getting steady worse as the Lord starts to shake and sift us — just as He has always done when His people turn wicked.


  1. I don’t believe the truth can be summed up better than you wrote in the last paragraph .

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